A real estate company is a business that owns, operates, or manages real property.

This can include land, buildings, and housing.

A well-written business plan can help you create a realistic roadmap for your real

estate company’s success. A good business plan should cover both the financial and

operational aspects of your business.



Brokers are licensed real estate professionals who work with both buyers and sellers

of assets. Brokers typically get paid a fee equal to a negotiated percentage of the

sale price for each transaction they facilitate. In addition, brokers must register with

the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), a self-regulatory body that

requires all financial professionals to adhere to strict regulations.


Every brokerage firm has a designated broker, also known as a principal broker, who

oversees all transactions and ensures the brokerage is in compliance with state

laws. It is also common for brokers to have ownership stakes or complementary

interests in ancillary businesses, such as title companies, which can generate extra

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A managing broker handles day-to-day business operations, such as integrating new

agents into the brokerage, training and mentoring associate brokers and ensuring all

licenses are current for real estate agents. Often, this role is shared with the

principal/designated broker. Some brokers may also choose to remain actively

involved with clients, working directly with them to facilitate transactions.


Property Management

Property managers operate real estate for a fee. They usually charge a percentage

of the rent collected, but other forms of compensation exist. For instance, a flat fee

per unit managed or even a bonus for meeting specific goals. They also typically

offer maintenance services for a fee, such as finding a plumber at 3 AM to fix a burst

pipe. Property managers usually care for multifamily properties, such as apartments

or townhouses, as well as commercial office buildings and industrial facilities.


For property owners who do not live close to their rental properties or have another

full-time job, hiring a real estate management company is an appealing option.

Managers often handle tasks like establishing rental prices in line with the market,

analyzing tenant behavior to reduce vacancy rates, and drafting and enforcing lease

agreements. They also know local real estate laws and regulations, including how

much landlords can legally charge tenants for security deposits.


Real estate agents, also known as realtors, help people buy or sell property. They

usually work for brokerages, but can be independent as well. They can specialize in

either residential or commercial real estate. They find clients through their sphere of

influence, which includes family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and social contacts.

They often attend industry conferences and events to meet new people.


They work with buyers to meet their needs and budget. They identify properties that

fit their clients’ specifications and plan property showings. They also help their

clients with the home-buying process, including filling out paperwork,

communicating offers and counteroffers, advising on inspections, and preparing for



They spend a lot of time on administrative tasks, such as finding potential clients

and following up with existing ones via phone, email, and regular mail. They use

software such as PandaDoc or Juro to manage contracts. They also keep their skills

up to date through continuing education.

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